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Kalyn's Power Salad Mix (for Weekend Food Prep)

Kalyn's Power Salad Mix (for Weekend Food Prep)
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4-5 oz. kale or baby kale mix

2-3 heads romaine lettuce

1/2 small head red cabbage


If using kale leaves, cut off the stems and cut away the inner ribs if they’re large.Wash kale in the salad spinner and spin dry or dry with paper towels.Stack up the kale leaves and cut them into ribbons about 3/8 inch thick.Then slice through the leaves once or twice going the other way so you have short strips of kale. (Baby kale mix can be used just as it is from the package.)Put kale into large metal bowl big enough to hold all the salad ingredients.Break off and discard the outer damages leaves on each romaine head, making sure you remove any leaves that have rust spots.Cut off the root end of each head, then break the romaine heads into bite sized pieces into the salad spinner.Wash romaine in very cold water and spin until it’s as dry as you can get it.Add romaine to the kale in the salad bowl. Cut a small head of red cabbage in half, wrapping one half and putting it back in the fridge for another time. Cut away the core and remove the damaged outer leaves of the other half; then slice the cabbage into very thin strips. When all the cabbage is sliced, give it a few chops going the other way so you have short, thin strips of cabbage. Add the red cabbage to the kale and romaine in the bowl. Toss the salad together so it’s well-combined. Then open a gallon size plastic bag that will zip tightly shut, and use your hands to tightly pack the salad into the bag. Zip the end partly closed, then press on the bag to remove the air and finish zipping it shut.